Face Cover Sets

12th August 2020 - I now have a stock of face cover sets available for immediate purchase. You can see them here.

As the demand for face covers has now slowed down, I shall not be adding to that stock. However, I am happy to make sets to order from the fabrics shown further down on the same page.


Fabrics for single masks can be found here


30th July 2020 - more fabrics added today. See Face Cover Fabrics page 


29th July 2020:

A delayed parcel of beautiful batik fabric has just arrived and is available now for you to pre-order your set. These can be seen with the rest of the stock here.


I have been asked if I would supply just a face mask so that you have a second one available while the dirty one is in the wash. The reason I first started making sets was because there were several ladies in our village making just masks, for charity, and I didn't want to tread on their toes. I thought a set would be something different and would not be in direct competition. However, I do recognise the need for a second mask so I am happy to make these.


The sets consist of a face cover, a handy holder for your hand sanitiser bottle and a waterproof lined zipped carry bag or pouch and costs £12. Sold separately, I am charging £6 each for the masks and the bags and £3 for the sanitiser bottle holder. You are therefore effectively receiving the bottle holder free of charge when you buy a set.


Unfortunately, I cannot always guarantee a second mask would be in the same fabric. In order to be able to offer a wide variety of fabrics, many of the sets are made from fat quarters. These are particularly popular for patchworkers and quilters who also need a wide variety of fabrics and measure approximately 18" x 22".   With care, I can just get one face cover set out of one fat quarter. I could only offer a second mask in the same fabric if I cut the original set out from a larger piece of fabric and have some left over.


Pictures of the fabric available for extra masks are available here:


To order, please send me a message via the Contact Me form and send me a message from my facebook page 

Please check back to see current stock. Thank you.

More about the face covers

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      The face cover has a printed outside cover made from quilting weight cotton fabric and a non-woven fabric interface. The lining is made from a high thread count Egyptian cotton. There is a pocket for a filter (optional and not supplied) between the two layers plus a pocket for a nose wire (included)

Filters should be made of non-woven materials. Suggested filter materials include:

  • coffee filter
  • vacuum cleaner filter - check that it contains no fibre glass
  • sheet of kitchen towel
  • air-dried wet up
  • surgical mask


              The cover should be washed, using your usual detergent, either in the machine with the rest of your washing, or by hand. Air dry or in the machine.  Some agencies advise that washing and drying should be at a high temperature.  Before washing, always remove the filter and nose wire. Dispose of the filter but the nose wire can be re-used. 


           The hand sanitiser bottle holder comes with a split ring and a lobster clasp so that it can be attached to your bag or perhaps a belt. It will take the majority of small sanitiser bottles but as they come in so many shapes and sizes, fit cannot be guaranteed. I can remove the lobster clasp if you would prefer not to have it.


           Keep your face cover clean in your zip topped bag while you are out and return it safely after use so that it doesn’t contaminate anything else you are carrying.  When you no longer need your face cover, you can use your zip bag for a make-up bag or wash-bag. Your bag can be washed at the same time as the face cover if you wish.


Remember to wash or sanitise your hands before putting your face cover on and taking it off. Further guidance can be found on the Government website at gov.uk/coronavirus.   It should be noted that these are not surgical grade fask masks and Hemiola Crafts takes no responsibility for the incorrect use of this face cover. All advice is given in good faith and taken from reputable sources. If you are in doubt then there are many research articles available online.


This poster from the East Midlands Ambulance Service is a useful reminder of how to wear your mask and what not to do and why.          


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