Luxury re-usable make-up remover pads - £10 per set

I wonder how many buds of cotton wool and pads get thrown away every day when we remove the make-up from our faces. Worse, still, what about the make remover wipes? Yes, I used to use thought too, so I was part of the problem. So I started to do some research. I found some beautiful soft organic hemp fleece, which is blended with cotton and also some organic cotton fleece. I chose some good quality cotton in plain and elegant patterns and created these luxury re-usable make-up remover pads.

After removing your make up, simply either rinse the pad in your wash basin or pop them in a small laundry bag ready to add to your general washing. Wash at 30 degrees and remember not to add any fabric conditioner. This  leaves traces of petro-chemicals derived nasties in the conditioner on your pads you wouldn't want to put those on your skin. It also reduces absorbency. I leave mine in the laundry bag and line dry when the weather is suitable.

Presented in a lovely lined draw-string bag which co-ordinates with your pads, these luxury sets contain 8 pads and would make a delightful gift for a lady in your life or why not treat yourself. You'll be doing your bit to save the planet.